Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to connect oracle into your netbean..

helo helo!!

now i'm back with netbean in da house..
i am successfully connect my oracle into my netbean.

do you wanna know how??

first of all u hv to check the requirement in your laptop...


next step u go to this url..very helpful in setting the connection:

credit to netbean website!!!!

selamat mencuba guys...


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Congrate to myself!!

waaaa...congrate to myself..
i am pregnant for 6 weeks now....

arissa bakal menerima adik next year...yeahhh! alhamdulilah terima kasih atas rezeki yang Kau berikan kepada kami sekeluarga...thanks Allah.

for my baby nur arissa kena berlatih tolong mama lps ni tau....papa & mama luv u so much dear!!

okeh need to go...
time lunch dah abis...i need to finish up my system flow...adiosss!!!